Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is one of the primitive fields which involves projecting, scheming and implementing structural bodies. The actual working doamain includes a variety of engineering jobs right from designing , supervision and construction activities of public work like roadsand bridges to tunnels, research laboratories, aerodromes, dams, water works, sewage system, harbours etc.
Civil engineers are always sought after and have a brilliant scope no matter what is the situation of the market. The country is development, which requires qualified civil engineers to build them. Civil
Engineers can find job in construction compnies private consulting firm, government Departments, Private and public sector industry, railway , military etc…
Ragging free Environment

Ragging inside and outside the college in any form is strictly prohibited

In compliance to the decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Anti Ragging Squad has been formed in the University and on its report the University will lodge the FIR against the students reported to be involved in ragging.

Ragging is crime

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